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16 Jul 2023

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15 Jul 2023


Resolved: Chatgpt and coding

I often use chatgpt to solve problems during my programming studies and it helps me a lot, but this made me rely on it a lot and this scares me because I no longer write the code myself.

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16 Jul 2023


and i feel that would be okay eventually most of the simpler tasks will be done by ai..

let's say i want to code a carosuel for my i can code it myself or i can hire someone to code it . or i could search the internet for some snippets and put it in my applications and adjust it with respect to my requirements.. 

we used to walk or ride on horses to move from one place to another place but eventually as invented cars and as we are now driving in them we eventually forgot how to ride horses but that doesn't we have to rely on horses. 

Eventually i think we are in an age where we will be having a generational shift of things that we do on a software level...

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