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10 Dec 2022

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10 Dec 2022


Resolved: Clarification on Merge

reaching out to you and asking some additional clarification with Merge, please.

What is the added benefit(s) of merge vs the option to have two table connected to each other via the CurrencyKey anyway?
Also, once we are done with the merge (e.g. created a Currency name column in the factInternetSales table) shall I consider the deletion of the dimCurrency table or that is still required in order to maintain the newly created column?
A bit confused, hope you can shed a light!

Anyway great content - thanks for that!

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10 Dec 2022


Merge is a similar function to JOINs in SQL, You need to keep both tables since they will be used in the DAX course. The benefit is to be able to convert all the different currencies into one single currency inside the fact table.

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