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Couldn’t install VSCode with Anaconda

Couldn’t install VSCode with Anaconda


The capstone course for the Python Bootcamp instructed us to install VSCode via the Anaconda Navigator. After installing Anaconda for the second time and doing some research, it states VSCode doesn’t come with the Anaconda3 Open Source Package.
I installed VSCode separately and tried running the solution with both Anaconda3 and Python interpreter path. I received error messages on all ways of running the Solution.
I’ve noticed I’m running python v 3.7.6 on Anaconda3 and python v 3.8.1 on my regular python path. Could this be an issue?
I’ve already installed both numpy and opencv pips and still getting errors.

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Jason,
Have you considered using pip?

pip install vscode-dl

should do the trick!
The 365 Team

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