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12 Jan 2024

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09 Jan 2024


Resolved: Course exam query: Not able to understand the question


Kindly explain this question and the answer for it in a simple manner as i am unable to understand what is going on here. The hidden question in the code provided is very confusing as to what is expected to be done from me here ?

Kindly enlighten. thank you.

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12 Jan 2024


Hey Prashant,

Thank you for reaching out.

The question requires to decode the following message

a[0][0] + a[0][1] + ... 

which will reveal the actual task. As a starter, you can find the element a[0][0] by first navigating to matrix a

and then locating the element at position [0], [0]. Write the answer down. Then, find the element at position [0], [1] and note it down. Continue in the same fashion until you reveal the entire task. Execute the task and you'll find the answer to the exam question.

If you experiece trouble with the topic of matrices, please go back to the relevant lectures from the Mathematics course:

Kind regards,

365 Hristina

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12 Jan 2024


Got it. Thanx for replying :)

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