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Credit Risk Modeling in Python Section PD Model 6.2

Credit Risk Modeling in Python Section PD Model 6.2


Hello, when importing the variables to build the PD Model, it returns me the following error pointing the problem to the line ·127 ‘mths_since_last_record:>86’]]”

KeyError: 'Passing list-likes to .loc or [] with any missing labels is no longer supported, see'


3 Answers

365 Team

HI Edu,
Did you use the code provided in the lecture? 
If you made some changes, could you please share them with us?
The 365 Team

I had the same problem, even when I copied and pasted the lecture code.
It turns out that using .loc[ ] with one or more missing labels is now deprecated (starting in version  The documentation ( suggests using .reindex() instead.
This worked for me:
inputs_train_with_ref_cat = loan_data_inputs_train.reindex([ list of column names ], axis=1)


Hello all,
I replaced .loc with .reindex and I get after
inputs_train = inputs_train_with_ref_cat.drop(ref_categories, axis = 1)
Many NaN:

grade:A                              0
grade:B                              0
grade:C                              0
grade:D                              0
grade:E                              0
... mths_since_last_record:3-20 373028 mths_since_last_record:21-31 373028 mths_since_last_record:32-80 373028 mths_since_last_record:81-86 373028 mths_since_last_record:>=86 373028 Length: 104, dtype: int64

It seems, that it doesn't work really with .reindex.

If I open the data loan_data_inputs_train.csv and all other, I do not find any NaN. All data are normal.

Any idea?

Best regard
Volkmar Meiller