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21 Feb 2023

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27 Jan 2023


Data Science Career Track Exam

This is meant to be just a reminder or a notice. I am not actually trying to revise my grade or change anything in that regard.
I think Question 24 in the career track exam is wrong? I might be misunderstanding the question but I think the right answer is considered false. Would be good idea to check so other users dont run into the same issue.
Thank you for all the amazing work that everyone puts into this website. This is my introduction to Data Science and I have been very happy with everything so far.

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Posted on:

21 Feb 2023


Hey Mohaned,

Thanks for your feedback.

Could you please specify which question exactly you think has the wrong answer? The Career Track exams have multiple versions, so question 24 is a different question across versions. Also please let us know which answer you believe to be the right one.

Looking forward to your response.



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