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Deep learning course notes missing

Deep learning course notes missing


First of all Thank you so much, the course is very apt.
Course notes really help us to again refer it at later point of time.
I find that the course notes in the Deep learning module for the section Overfitting, Initializers,Optimizers are missing can you please upload the course notes.
I a aware that few of them are on python it would really help us if course notes are uploaded similiar to all the other sections in the module.
One more request.
1.Can we have Deep learning module with Keras.
2.Module with respect to CNN and RNN would really help us.
3.I know it is tooo much to ask :). But NLP module would also help me a lot. 
Finally Thanks for the course.
Content: A+
Course path : A+.
Thanks and Regards,

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Nagaraj,
Thank you for reaching out and thanks so much for the kind words!
Firstly, the course notes are a great tool to learn and we will work on creating those for the said sections!
Regarding your other requests:

  1. Well, TF2 is basically Keras, so we will not be doing that. Historically, Keras was built on TF1 to provide easier syntax (a high-level language). However, when they created TF2, they mostly used Keras, practically consuming it.
  2. Working on that actually 🙂
  3. That’s right after 2!


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