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Difference between courses

Difference between courses


Dear All,
Is there any difference between this $29/month data science program and the udemy course in the below link ?

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi, Constantin,

Glad that you are interested in our courses!

To answer your question, the courses on third party websites and the courses on 365datascience.com are different. To be more specific, courses on third party websites are smaller and they cover the subject matter in less detail. The program on the 365datascience.com, on the other hand, contains all our data science courses that we have ever created and will continue to create. With that, the 365 Data Science Program – 70 hours (as of today).
That said, the Data Science Program (available here) is a subscription-based model.

What this means is that students get access to all the courses in the training as well as all updates and new courses as they become available.
The program also includes Premium support and direct and almost immediate access to the instructors.

The Data Science Program is intended as a comprehensive program where all courses work together. It contains all the essential tools for becoming a data scientist. Moreover, we are committed to continuously extending it, so it is a product in constant development.

Regarding certification, on third party websites you’ve got their respective certification, while on the website – a 365 Data Science branded one. They differ in what is written on them. Here for instance, you’d get a different certificate for each of the 17 courses included in the program + 1 final certificate, which states that you have completed the 365 Data Science program.

Hope this helps!
Let us know if you have any other questions.

Best regards,
The 365 Team