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dim_Date table creation in POWER BI

dim_Date table creation in POWER BI


which key to skip to row 2 when typing DAX?
Why not add anything in the first argument of the ADDCOLUMNS function, and go directly to define the columns?

1 Answer

365 Team

Hey Marta,
To skip to a new row simply hold shift and press Enter.
The ADDCOLUMNS function returns a table, so it needs to grab data from an existing table and aggregate it to return a new table. With the dim_Date we need to create consistency across the table for our time intelligence functions. In our fact_InternetSales table we have dates, but not for every single day so we cannot create a dim_Date table because we lack consistency. We need to have all days from 1st until 31st. So that’s why we are calling the CALENDAR function which creates a range between start and end date, and essentially this is our first argument. From there we create all the additional attributes such as Quarter, Year and Month columns.

Understood!! thank you very much

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