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Do I need to learn both Tensor Flow 2.0 and Tensor Flow 1.0?

Do I need to learn both Tensor Flow 2.0 and Tensor Flow 1.0?

Super Learner

The 365 Data Science youtube video comparing the Tensor Flow 1.0 and Tensor Flow 2.0 made it seem that Tensor Flow 2.0 is a much better option. That being said, are there any advantages to learning Tensor Flow 1.0 as well as Tensor Flow 2.0, or can I survive knowing only Tensor Flow 2.0? 

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Varun,
This is a very good observation.
Regarding our courses, the theoretical parts are the same. However, the code is different for the two versions. 
After all the theory of NNs doesn’t change. Only the version of TensorFlow does.
Regarding the usage of TF1 and TF2, TF2 is obviously the superior choice. However, many companies are still using codes that were written in TF1 that is why you may need to learn TF1 some time in the future.
The 365 Team

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