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drilling 2 levels down in power BI

drilling 2 levels down in power BI


Hi all
would like to seek your expertise. I’m asking here because I’m unable to ask in the Power BI community as I have problems logging in.
I did a sample on power point slides as i do not have the software on my personal desktop as I’m working on it from my work desktop in office.
image link:
Note that the graphs/charts aren’t drawn to scale. 
I have 2 charts/graphs here – (A) and (B)
in my database i also have a table of all employees in an organisation (can see the in ‘cards’ (C)).
Right now, for example, if i select the circled portion in (A), it reflects (B). However, i would like to zoom in further to know on a particular day, how many employees in that department that i’ve selected, are sick and its percentage%. Now, (C) only reflects by month basis, i need it in days in another card similar to (C) just that it’s in days. Is that possible? 

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Alicia,
If I understand correctly, you would like to have a card in visual C that will give you these results? This is not something that is supported out of the box in Power BI and can only be achieved via writing a DAX measure.

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