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Error loading Notebook (Python File)

Error loading Notebook (Python File)

Super Learner

I am trying to open the files provided on the Credit Risk Modelling in Python course but I get this error 
NotJSONError(‘Notebook does not appear to be JSON: \'<!DOCTYPE html><html xml:lang=”en” clas…’)
I don’t have this problem with any other file so could you please check this? 

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Viviana,
First, it is great that you have now joined the Q&A Hub! Welcome
Regarding the files, we will shortly fix them in the lecture. 
In the meantime please use these links:
Preprocessing few continuous variables: Homework (without comments):
Preprocessing few continuous variables: Homework (with comments): 
The 365 Team

Thank you,these files are working. I think the Q&A Hub is a great idea =)

7 days

Also, I think the "loan_data_2007_2014.csv" file is also wrong, when I try to run de read_csv line I get this error: "ParserError: Error tokenizing data. C error: Expected 1 fields in line 3, saw 2" and when I try to open it with Excel it doesn't look like the lecture at all.

7 days

Hi Viviana, here’s the link to the dataset: ; Best, The 365 Team

6 days