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17 Mar 2023


exam in this module

Took exam last night, but the questions were asking say (the name of this person and what % purchases linkedin v google). When I download the excel sheet for the exercise there was no mention of this name, also putting a speed limit on this for beginners is really offputting, I had literally just downloaded the free version of tableau, and to be honest did not understand the exercise. The modules are very informative but the "actions" are carried out too fast and are completed and moved on from before you can note them. Give people a break, send info for test exams that is clear on what is what, the one I down load just said abc, ?? Not happy with this, can it be looked it. I will do another 30 minutes, but if the table sent for the exam is not clear,  I wont be able to complete it as it was not clear in any way. Thanks

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