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15 Feb 2021

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10 Feb 2021


Failed to create a NewWriteableFile

In the File 7_1_cnn-mnist-example-with-tensorboard, when running the code
    epochs = NUM_EPOCHS,
    callbacks = [tensorboard_callback, early_stopping],
    validation_data = validation_data,
    verbose = 2

The kernel gives me an error.

NotFoundError: Failed to create a NewWriteableFile: logs\fit\20210208\train\plugins\profile\2021_02_09_05_20_25\DESKTOP-1.trace.json.gz : The system cannot find the path specified.
; No such process

I tried searching for a solution on stackoverflow and github. But no solution is provided.

Please help.

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Posted on:

15 Feb 2021


Try to run the fit method without the tensorboard callback. Does this problem persist in this case?
If not, add this parameter when initializing the tensorboard callback "profile_batch=0", and then run the fit method with the tensorboard callback included again.

Hope this helps!
365 Team

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