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15 Apr 2020

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14 Apr 2020


Free Access to All Data Science Courses!

I actually registered late for the free data science online program, so I want to know, if am not able to finish the course before 15th of April, what would happen?  
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15 Apr 2020

It’s been really awesome to make the platform free for a month, and we enjoy having you here so much!
The thing is with increased consumption (over 90,000 people have signed up and have watched more than 7,000,000 lectures so far) come increased costs.
Our bills for webhosting and external services skyrocketed. Hence we will struggle to keep up with increased demand and no revenue for another month.
I appreciate your understanding! What we will do to offer you a chance to subscribe and keep access is offer a very reduced price for a few days starting from tomorrow. Make sure you keep an eye.

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