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18 May 2024

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16 May 2024


Heatmap block float numbers not displaying

Hi , Thank you for such a beautiful lecture and informational course !! 

I was hoping if you could guide me as to why I am unable to view the floating numbers in the block of colors for the heatmap .

Here is the code I had used to run the same :

plt.figure(figsize=(12, 9))
s = sns.heatmap(data.corr(),
                vmin = -1, 
                vmax = 1,
s.set_yticklabels(s.get_yticklabels(), rotation=0, fontsize=12)
s.set_xticklabels(s.get_xticklabels(), rotation=90, fontsize=12)
plt.title('Correlation Heatmap')

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Posted on:

18 May 2024


  I am unable to get the model details only receiving the blue box like this while running the code explained , please guide me as to how to resolve this?? Looking forward to hearing from you !!

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