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Help please with Pivot Table?

Help please with Pivot Table?


Happy New year everyone & all the best for 2020!
Please can you help sort the data/ pivot Table out. 
I am trying to establish a across 3 contact attempts how many times a call is Successful, Unsuccessful or no attempt was made to look  like the Below:
                          Contact attempt 1 Contact attempt 2 Contact attempt 3 Grand Total
Successful         100                             60                         20                     180
Unsuccessful   150                              90                       20                        60
N/A                      2                                 2                         2                          6
No Attempt         50                               50                      50                        150
But the Outcomes and the Column headers get mixed up and under the incorrect headings. 
Count of Unique Reference Column Labels
Row Labels                                    No Attempt Successful Unsuccessful Grand Total
Unsuccessful                                      1                    1                155                 157
Successful                                                                42                                      42
Unsuccessful                                           1                 1               113                115
Grand Total                                         1                    1                 155                157
As you can see the outcomes are in the rows and Columns and column headers do not  show up at all.
any chance you can assist to point out where i am going wrong?

2 Answers

365 Team

Hi Matthew,
Thanks for reaching out!
It is a bit difficult for me to indicate without seeing the file. One potential reason is that you are ”counting” and not ”summing”.
You should be able to change from count to sum in the bottom corner of the pivot pane.
Could you try that, please?

Totally agree was difficult enough trying to type it in the Q&A, is there any way i can send you the file? I attempted to change to Sum and is not working either. Thanks Matt

11 months


can you share your file to my Email id, lets try to find a solution together. 

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