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How do I enable the option to see all available functions that come in a module?

How do I enable the option to see all available functions that come in a module?


I am new to Spyder. I did not generally use an IDE before taking the course.
In the lessons, it is shown that after importing a module in a .py source file, if that name is invoked and a dot is placed after that, all available functions are shown in a drowp-down list. Like this-
Dropdown list of available functions
But I cannot see this in my Spyder installation. And I could not find any setting that shows them.
I am shown autocomplete options after I type 3 characters or more. But I am not able to see all available functions after I put in the dot after an imported module.
Where do I change the settings?

2 Answers

365 Team

Hi Ritobrata,

You can activate the object inspector to display the documentation of the functions by enabling automatic connections for your editor or console. It will then show you the function parameters as you press the left parenthesis.

To enable it go to Tools > Preferences > Object Inspector . Under Help-> Automatic connections check your desired programming environment and enable plug-in.
The 365 Team

Thanks for the reply. I am already able to view the function arguments of the built-in functions. But that is not what I was asking. I am asking about being able to view all available functions within a certain module. Let’s say I have imported math. And then if I type math. , then after the dot, I should be able to view all the functions within that module, as shown in the video. And I cannot find any settings to change that. And I also could not find Tools > Preferences > Object Inspector or Help-> Automatic connections.

10 months

After a module has been imported, if I type it in, and place a dot after it, I just need to press tab after the dot has been placed.
The solution to this problem is to press the tab key after a dot has been placed after a module name.
Like this-

import math


After the dot has been put, you just need to press the tab key to see all the available functions within that module.

Spot on, Ritobrata! Thanks for sharing!

10 months