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How do I get my Super Learner label?

How do I get my Super Learner label?

Super Learner

I paid for a year subscription to 365 Data Science, and have been taking courses daily for many weeks.  How do I get my Super Learner label?

2 Answers

365 Team

Hi Cristopher,
To get the super learner label, you need to subscribe for the paid subscription plans that we offer. In this way, you will have access to our entire content library.

Ned, with all due respect, I don’t think you answered my question. I ALREADY PAID FOR A 12 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION. I already have access to your entire content library. Please, give me the “Super Learner” label so that I can get my questions answered faster. Thank you.

3 weeks


Hello Christopher,
I have the same issue than you and I also paid for a 12 months subscription. I believe it is because I used my facebook account to login in the Q&A as my courses login details did not work for Q&A.
I can see you have now your super learner badge, how did you do it?
Thank you

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