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24 Aug 2023

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24 Aug 2023


Resolved: How to change the Learning Path?

How to change the Learning Path?

Currently, it is reflecting 'Data Analyst'. I want to change it to 'Business Analyst'.


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24 Aug 2023


Hello Lee!

Thanks for reaching out.

You can change your learning path two ways, whether you would like to go into manual mode and set your own scheduled deadlines for your courses within the business analyst career track, or you would like to follow the structured deadlines of the standard business analyst career track, which will earn you extra XP.

So, to change your learning path from Data Analyst to Business Analyst without the set deadlines, click on "Customize", Click on the tree dots next to "Add Items" for the Data Analyst section, as well as the Recommended additional track courses section and Click on "Delete section" -> "Remove". Then, once both sections have been deleted, go to "Add section" -> Career Track -> Business Analyst -> Finalize -> Save path. 

You can go back to Customize anytime to set the deadlines for your courses, as well as drag and drop any of your courses, if you want to change the sequence they follow. 

If you would like to go with the second method and have your Business Analyst career track set automatically, go to "Recreate" -> "Recreate Path" -> "Career" -> "Business Analyst" -> Edit your daily goal reminder -> Finalize. Please be aware that customizing your path in the automatic mode will remove XPs from the deadlines.

Hope this helps!

If you have any other questions, let me know.

Best wishes,

The 365 Team

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