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How to Interpret the Regression Table exercise question 3

How to Interpret the Regression Table exercise question 3


Hello guys! Can please someone explain to me why the answer to the below question is this?

Its from the course “advanced statistical methods in python, lecture ” How to Interpret the Regression Table”.

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Vasiliki,
The regression output where we will base our estimation is as follows:

The values to consider are 0.275 for constant and 0.0017 for regression coefficients. However, the question says we assume that coefficient with a p-value greater than 0.05 is not significantly different from 0, in other words, disregard it. The p-values in the table are those under column P>ltl.   So we have to disregard the 0.2750 since its p-value is 0.503. Hence, our estimation for SAT score 1850 is
GPA = 0.0017*1850 which is equal to 3.145.
Hope this helps.
The 365 Team

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