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22 May 2022

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17 May 2022


Resolved: i need help with question 4,5 from practice exam 3

I tried but solutions are very confusing

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18 May 2022


Hello Diksha,
Thanks for reaching out! Happy to shed some light:

Question 4 - When you use VLOOKUP, you need to have a lookup value that is the leftmost column of the source table by definition. VLOOKUP cannot work when you want to lookup to the right. So, to solve this issue, you can cut the column with lookup values and paste it to the left so that it becomes the first one in the table.

Question 5 - This is a calculation. You need to delete the rows which say 'Total' and then use SUMIF as indicated in the answers to populate the 'Amount' column - it is your Sum_range.

Hope this helps!

Posted on:

22 May 2022


hello sir,

sir still facing problem in question 5 . Can u please share solution video or solution on excel?

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