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Issue with Jupyter Notebooks

Issue with Jupyter Notebooks


None of the Jupyter notebooks open up for me on the Credit Risk, Time Series, Customer Analytics and the new Web Scrapping courses. I get an error on saying something about a JSON being not valid, and the notebooks won’t open. I have no issues using my own notebooks, just the the course content ones 
I mostly would like access for the code of these for future reference, as English is not my first language when I did my Jupyter Notebook for the two courses I already finished (time series and credit risk) I commented them on my native language (and named the variables, dataframes and functions in Spanish too). I noticed the instructor uses many Jupyter notebooks, and while I did download them for a step by step reference, I couldn’t use them. 
I had some prior experience with Python and some of the packages, but I had some questions on the web scrapping course and the customer Analytics one that stopped me from continuing them as I couldn’t see the reference code to work on them on my own.  My questions are basically about some syntax on the code and some of the errors displayed on the video, but I can answer these myself with the code. 
I would appreciate if I can gain access to a version of the Jupyter notebooks that I can open on my setup. I saw a similar issue in the recent questions, so I think it might be that there maybe was some change on Anaconda or something, I don’t know.
I have a windows pc, with the most recent Anaconda version as of March 21st with  Python 3, i followed the instructions on the lessons about how to set them up. I had no issues executing the lessons, installing packages and using Anaconda or Jupyter, just opening the Notebook files on the course content. 

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Jorge,
Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the delayed reply.
You can find all Credit Risk Modeling notebooks here:
And all Web Scraping Ones here:
The 365 Team

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