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15 Feb 2021

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14 Feb 2021


Issue with my yearly subscription

Hello team.
After ending all the courses of the full program, suddenly, you have downgraded me to the free plan, and now, to continue accessing my account premium, and so can review and update the contents, I have received a notification that I must pay again. However, I have paid for a year of support, and there are still many months until that period ends. Then, how things work? Are we paying for a year of service, or is the annual subscription automatically canceled when the global certificate is obtained? Because, in the latter case, you should warn us from the beginning.

Anyone with the same problem?

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Posted on:

15 Feb 2021


The problem is already solved. I have to say that it was a technical problem which caused
an error in the notifications, and the 365 Team has solved it immediately in a
fast and professional way.

So cool.
Thanks, team! You are the best.

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