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Lesson “Starting to work with Visual Studio” details needed.

Lesson “Starting to work with Visual Studio” details needed.


I startes my capstone project. I installed VS code in Anaconda Navigator, launched it, and went to lesson “Starting to work with Visual Studio”. At first I found that the interfase is not quite as in the video: no button Run Python File in Terminal. I had installed extension for Python and then the button appeared. I tried to execute the same code as in the lesson to open image ‘Capstone_coins’, but there was no result. My next steps:

  1. F1 => Python: Select Interpreter => Python 3.7.6 64-bit (‘base’: conda)
  2. Run Python File in Terminal

A problem has occurred: unable to import ‘cv2’ pylint(import error) [2, 1]
About process of installing Open CV: in the Anaconda Prompt I received a message “The following packages are not available from current channels: – capstone”
How I can fix this?
P.S.: In my opinion the lesson “Starting to work with Visual Studio” has too little information about VS code, as if it were already known and familiar things. 
Thank you!

1 Answer

Super Learner

Hi Ekaterina,
I just posted a similiar question as I am having a similiar issue with importing cv2. I am curious, have you had any luck solving it? If so pls let me know !! 🙂

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