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15 Sept 2023

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10 Sept 2023


Resolved: Machine Learning using coding

Hi , 365 Teams , appreciate for your lecture

Course  : Complete Data Science Training: Mathematics, Statistics, Python, Advanced Statistics in Python, Machine & Deep Learning

I was just finished section 38 , I have a question.

I can understand the statistics, but the real problem is coding , I often forget what code I need to use , is it need to remember like vocabularies ?  when I'm doing exercise , I maybe need to look at the solution a while , just can't finished it 100% by my own , sometimes it's frustrating. Just wonder is there any tips or resources can help me do better in coding, really want to learn it well. 

Thanks and Best Regards

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Posted on:

15 Sept 2023


Hey Eric,

Good to hear from you!

One resource that can help you refresh your memory and generate code for you is ChatGPT. Don't be shy of using it for learning and working needs!



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