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Mistake in statistics exercise 2.13

Mistake in statistics exercise 2.13


I’m finding that I like your courses overall, but your exercises/solutions files need more quality control. For example in exercise 2.13, task 3, I’m asked to use data on all apartments (there are also offices in the data). However when I went to check my work in the solutions file, suddenly the task wording is “all properties” and the solution result seems to include offices as well as apartments. So my work does not align with the solution, and I have to more manually confirm that this is only because of this discrepancy, to make sure I didn’t also miss something. Sorry I can’t remember other examples, but I’ve seen similar things in at least 3 previous exercises (one I already contacted you about at least).

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Conrad,
Thanks for reaching out.
We do have some omissions, even though the content has been vetted. I assure you that people like you are the best quality control we can get 🙂
Thank you for pointing this out – we have already replaced the file.
The 365 Team 

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