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New Student

New Student


I want to sign up for the annual subscription in data science, since I am new to data science I will like to know if I need to install softwares on my laptop for me to learn data science? If yes, will recommendations be given in class?
Also, can I learn using my phone or a laptop will be preferred?
Once payment is done who do I send proof of payment to? And will I get notification to confirm payment?

Hi, Eze Abolaji Abosede. I just joined a few hours ago too, although I sampled a couple courses during the full free window that closed las week. As Ned said, all you’ll need to install is explained in the course. A laptop is preferred, even if a mini one. Email responses will be given once you have subscribed with guides on use of the platform and your account. (Mine was up and running in no time.). Feel free to ask any questions, and have fun learning.

9 months
1 Answer

365 Team

Thanks so much for your interest!
You will need to install several open source frameworks, which we will show you how to do that. These softwares are are free. The only paid one we use is Microsoft Excel, but may be you already have it. We recommend using a laptop with the exception of the first module of the program, which is suitable for tablet and mobile learning.

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