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09 Jun 2023

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08 Jun 2023


No Audio for Excel Made Easy:A Beginner's Guide to Excel module

There is no audio for the above named course module please.

Can someone kindly assist? This course is vital to learning.

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Posted on:

09 Jun 2023


Hello Maurice Akosu,

Thank you for your feedback.

Our developers were unable to reproduce your issue. Do you mind providing us with a couple more details about the problem you have come across? Here's what would help:

Have you installed any browser extensions that could prevent you from using the platform? Such browser extensions are "Privacy Badger" and "Hoxx Privacy VPN" for example. Do you use a VPN at all?
Have you tried using another browser?
Have you checked your internet connection? In some cases, a poor internet connection may cause such an issue.

We’ll be waiting for your reply.

Best regards,
The 365 Support Team

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