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Power BI Use Relationship vs Normalization

Power BI Use Relationship vs Normalization


Hi guys –
I understand the instructor to say that it is a better “best practice” to use USERELATIONSHIP vs normalize the tables.  Does anyone have thoughts on this?  (if anyone has architecture experience, maybe you could weigh in)
I feel like your options are  1) UseRelationship   2) Mormalize the data yourself IN power Query editor  3) get the business organization to align and change the data sources themselves before bringing this information together – of course this is the most time consuming part so in the interim of this
Would it be better to userelationship or normalize the data sources using the modeling use and power query editor?  This answer might depend on the amount of data and sources and business operations, but would love anyone’s educated feedback.  Thanks!  

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Christina,
I would go for USERELATIONSHIP, because loading the same table several times will only add some weight into our model and may create some performance issues in future. Speaking from experience the DBA’s rarely want to have anything to do with changing tables (this will likely involve creating new tables so this would still require more tables to be loaded into Power BI).

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