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Python Programmer Bootcamp: Capstone Project – Computer Vision: Big Issue

Python Programmer Bootcamp: Capstone Project – Computer Vision: Big Issue

Super Learner

I did this project in the course and I got the wrong coin values. So then I opened Giles’ downloadable code that is supplied in the course and ran it to see if there was a problem with my code. Turns out I got the same exact incorrect coin values using his code. Within the code, since the conditionals check the coin brightness levels and radii to assign coin values, I checked those as well via the print statement. The brightness levels were in line with what they should be. The radius levels on the other hand were not. 
I have the picture of the results with incorrect coin values saved to my desktop, but cannot upload it to the website. It is saying the website’s max image upload size is 2MB. I checked the properties on the image I’m trying to upload and it says it’s 1.91MB. Grrr… Please help.

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Chase, 
Apologies for this issue. We’ve emailed Giles and will be waiting for his reply.

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