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Question about Mean in the Covariance Formula

Question about Mean in the Covariance Formula

Super Learner

In the Stats module on the Covariance excercise, when you calculate the AVG for the Reading and Writing scores both values are not nice round numbers. (517.4, 490.4). However, the solution sheet shows both mean values rounded to the nearest whole number. Why? Is it preferred to have a whole number for the mean when determinig the Covariance?

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Edwin,
Thanks for reaching out.
It is up to you (to the person carrying out the analysis) how many digits to show and to use. Of course, the more digits after the decimal you include the more accurate results you will obtain. The trade-off is that sometimes multiple digits after the decimal point do not look too good in terms of visualization.

Copy. Thanks! -E

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