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20 Oct 2021

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17 Oct 2021


Questions incorrectly marked as unsolved in new exams

Hi Team,

just a little feedback on new exams. I don't know if anyone else experienced this, but I have had this happen to me on two occasions now, on different courses (Python Bootcamp and Git + GitHub). The issue is this: I have answered all the questions in the exam (or practical task), and yet at the final evaluation I had one of the answers marked as left unsolved. This lowered my final score, since I answered correctly both times. Fortunately I passed both anyway - but I would just like to inform you that something like that may occur, especially since some of the new exams have limited number of attempts as far as I understand.

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Posted on:

20 Oct 2021


Hello Hubert,

Thank you for your feedback!

Your input is really valuable for us.

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