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10 May 2024

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07 May 2024


questions of terms

Hi, I already been through the whole chapter of this excel practice once but don't understand quite clear, because I don't know how the P&L statement works.

Could you tell me what does the column "Partner company" means? Is is showing the code for each company?  and please tell me what does "Total" ,which I don't know why it is going to be deleted and "not assigend " by the "Name of partner company"  mean.

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Posted on:

10 May 2024


Hi Osamu,

Thanks for reaching out and apologies for the confusing example. 

In this context "Partner company" means, which was the company transacting with - whether its one of their subsidiaries or whether it's a third party. 

"Total" is the sum of the previous rows, and we delete it because if it's kept, the information will be duplicated. 



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