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Quiz: Null vs Alternative (Question 1)

Quiz: Null vs Alternative (Question 1)


The question of the quiz from Null vs Alternative lecture says:
You own an ice-cream shop. You suspect that you sell as many ice-creams as your competitor, Gelatou. Gelatou sells 100 ice-creams per day. State the null and alternative hypotheses of the test that would answer your question:

Since I “suspect” that I sell as many ice-creams as my competitor, shouldn’t the hypotheses be:
H0: average number of ice-creams my shop sell is not 100 (status quo)
H1: average number of ice-creams my shop sell = 100 (my opinion)

Thank you so much in advance.

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Harold,
Thanks for reaching out.
There is one more important consideration. The equality sign is always included in the null hypothesis. That is why they are reversed!
The 365 Team