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04 May 2021

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30 Apr 2021


Refund for subscription renewed without notification

Hi 365 data science team,

The money got debited without any prior notification on my mail or without confirming from me whether I would like to renew the service or not.

As it has been 1 year since I first activated my account, I forgot the cut off date and no reminder was sent too for the same.

Can you please help refund the amount as I would not like to go forward with this subscription?

Please help notify the users in future regarding their renewal before withdrawing the amount in order to avoid inconvenience.

Also, in these tough times, 32k is a significant amount and I need the amaound for my personal financial reasons and really cannot afford to spend it on a single course..

Shaunak Sen

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Posted on:

04 May 2021


Hello Shaunak,

Thanks for reaching out!
Please monitor your inbox. Our support team emailed you.

Kind Regards,
The 365 Team

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