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09 Nov 2019

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08 Nov 2019


Should i follow the default order of courses?

Hi team! I am sooo enjoying the courses until this point, thank you for all the effort! I will probably be joining a series of courses live about data science and participate in a competition. I am trying to get prepared by taking your courses. My question is: can I go directly to the Machine Learning course (Advanced Statistical Methods in Python) after completing the Probability, Statistics, Intro to Python and Mathematics courses? And then continue with Deep Learning and leave SQL, Tableau, and R for later? I need to work on my Python skills more, that’s why. Thank you so much!
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Posted on:

09 Nov 2019

Hi Vasiliki! Thanks so much for reaching out. Great to hear from you. One of the strongest advantages of our program are its order and structure. So, we generally recommend students to take courses one after the other and take advantage of the structure.  However, in your case I believe you can skip R, Tableau, and SQL to speed things up and prepare for the competition. Good luck!! Best, Ned  

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