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08 Oct 2020

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27 Sept 2020


StandardScaler question

I'm having difficulty with sklearn StandardScaler(). This should be in the Section "Applying Machine Learning to the Preprocessed Data"
Here is the code:

  • from sklearn.preprocessing import StandardScaler
  • absenteeism_scaler = StandardScaler()

the output reads:
The output should read:
StandardScaler(copy=True, with_mean=True, with_std=True)
I've tried searching on google and stackoverflow. I couldn't find an answer from either sites.

Please Help

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Posted on:

08 Oct 2020

Hi Jason, Don't worry about this. Depending on your IDE and the version of sklearn you may be seeing different outputs. This will not change the result in any way going forward with the exercises. Best, The 365 Team

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