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28 Mar 2024

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26 Mar 2024


Streak Days Subtracted


I have been using the platform daily since December 24, 2023. I had over 80 days on my streak when this week started and my dashboard currently reads 77 days. I can understand if using a streak freeze doesn't count a day, but not the subtraction of days for no apparent reason.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I just received a weekly learning goal, and it subtracted days. If I remember correctly I should have been a couple days from moving into the next tier. I'm not sure how your system is set up but that's the only pattern I can think of. 

I've also noticed on one occassion that I received the wrong streak bonus amount. Specifically, I was awarded 2xp for a 1-5 day streak despite the fact that I was in the 66-90 day range. Thank you for your help.


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Posted on:

28 Mar 2024


Hi Jonathan,

First of all, I'm impressed by your streak and very excited you use our platform.

I apologize for this issue and can promise our devs will look into this.



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