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12 Apr 2021

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11 Apr 2021


Resolved: Subscription cancelled on same day of fees charged, Requesting to please provide refund

Dear Sir/Madam,

I got charged with the annual subscription fees the night before yesterday.
I have already unsubscribed to your services but I believe I did it after the fee was charged.

I have checked my mail account but your fee notification email was sent on the same day I was charged and unfortunately it was sitting in my junk folder.

Please note that I have hardly used the courses in 365DataScience till now and I do not wish to continue.

Can you please consider this as a sincere request and kindly provide a complete refund. I hope you understand. Would really appreciate your help.

Thanks again.

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Posted on:

12 Apr 2021


Hello Theerdha,

Thanks for reaching out!

Please monitor your inbox. Our support team emailed you.

Kind Regards,
The 365 Team

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