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Tableau – Tableau Functionalities :: Creating a Table

Tableau – Tableau Functionalities :: Creating a Table


In my data, the period field is showing the year and month separately, how to fix it, as while applying the formula in the create calculated field it shows error.

Period showing like – 201,601
And in the Create Calculated Field – This Calculation Contains errors {LEFT is being called with (integer, integer), did you mean (string, float)?

1 Answer

365 Team

I’d suggest you to make the fix in Excel. Format the data accordingly and then upload it in Tableau.

Hi Ned,
I checked the file on excel, there it has no errors nor those commas. I still replaced them all and yet while importing/opening the data in Tableau, the data set still shows those commas and errors while applying the Formula code. I’m new to this hope you don’t feel annoyed if I’m doing any silly mistakes.


7 months