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12 May 2020

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10 May 2020


Updating some of the Excel videos

Hello there,

I just would like to say I love this program structure that you guys have made for us aspiring Data Scientists - but I have come across a lot of problems in terms of your excel videos. I am currently using Excel Version 16.36 and some of the formulae that you guys are using don't work, especially in the one that makes you calculate the growth.


Please update it, just in case somebody news strolls along with this program!



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Posted on:

12 May 2020

Hi Julio, Thanks for reaching out. Really appreciate the kind words. We want to make sure that we do our best to help you and structure is definitely one of our key focuses. I will be happy to assist you on this matter. I am the instructor of the course. Perhaps the function that you refer to works (it should in all versions). But you need to substitute ; with , or vice versa as an argument separator. Please try this and if it doesn't work, contact me at Thanks!

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