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Very basic: How to use

Very basic: How to use


To whom it may concern:  I’ve been trying to learn/navigate the python class here since the free offer from April 1st or so to April 15th.

  1. Assuming I sign up for this set of classes, how do I access them (same menu, password (which I’ve changed so many times).
  2. I still do not understand the relationship between ‘’ and the ‘myteachable’ account. 
  3. I am learning python and installed it as per instructions.  
  4. a) So, I can choose the class from the main menu (to learn) or if I wish to use python,
  5. b) I believe I should be able to choose ‘Anaconda Navigator’ and then the ‘Jupyer’ editor (right)?
  6. c) Are there other ways to run python?
    1. I installed Python in the D drive since my C drive is an SSD with just windows10; all my real file are on the D drive.  In the class, there are classes with the following filenames: such as “‘.  There were 2-3 others….I assume we needed to solve these….one was lecture, one was question and one was solution.  How do we access these? files in another instance of python? (not the learning one)
    2. What is the relationship between these classes and the udemy version (I have bought many ) and would not wish to double buy the same materials.
1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Alex,
Thanks so much for reaching out!

  1. If you sign up, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the courses
  2. Teachable is a hosting platform, which we use as an LMS solution (they offer a ready-made interface we can use to deliver courses)
  3. Souns great!
  4. You will have access to all courses, which we have shown in the ‘courses’ page. The courses will be accessible via Teachable
  5. Correct
  6. Here we offer everything we have + All future updates and upcoming courses. (In addition, you receive a different certificate, access to some different projects, and also access to premium support


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