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Video lesson: Use Sumif to Complete the Database Sheet

Video lesson: Use Sumif to Complete the Database Sheet

Super Learner

I was watching the video and I got some troubles on understanding why:

  • Why do we need to put $ before the column or the row?
  • Why did we put – in front of the Amounts formula Sumif?
  • Why the NET INCOMES should be zero?
1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Elvyra,
Sorry for the delayed response! I didn’t see the question up until now. For further questions, feel free to email me at directly.
Hope it isn’t too late! Here are the answers to your questions:
–> We need to add a $ sign to fix the column reference of the formula. In this way, when we paste to the right, the criteria doesn’t move to the right.
–> SUMIF allows us to sum the items in a column based on a criterion
–> Net income’s check should be 0 because we constructed a P&L and we obtained Net income from it; Pleae bear in mind that the original data source we used contained a net income calculation. So, we simply compared the two and saw whether the P&L we created showed the correct result.
Hope this helps!

Thanks for your answers! That helped to understand better 🙂

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