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03 Oct 2019

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03 Oct 2019


What do you mean by "multi-layer calculations"?

Can you elaborate a bit on it or provide a simple example..
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03 Oct 2019


Hi Fernanda!  
Great to have you in the course and thanks for reaching out!  
Great question!  
Multi-layered calculations refer to Excel.
What do we mean by a layer?   
Sort of a step of a calculation, that can have its own meaning and application.  
For instance, think of the creation of a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, a Cash Flow statement (in Accounting and Finance).
These three are stored on separate sheets, and carry different types of information. However, they are interrelated. So, as you fill certain cells in one statement, then Excel can automatically calculate:
1) the TOTAL value at the bottom of this statement
2) specific values in the second sheet
3) specific values in the thirds sheet.  
So, we express this as the capacity of Excel to do multi-layer calculations. They can be way more layers than that, depends on the example.   Hope this helps.
365 Team

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