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14 May 2023

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13 May 2023


what mean 6 Freeze streaks?

what can i benefit from 6 Freeze streaks

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Posted on:

14 May 2023


Hello Mohammad,

Thanks for reaching out!

By having 6 freeze streaks, you can seperately apply them for your account, so that you can continue to keep your number of consecutive days that you have completed your learning goal through. If you miss a day of watching video lessons or completing practice exams without having applied a freeze streak, you risk your learning days streak to be lost and set to 0.

Therefore, if you complete your learning goal 1 day and then want to skip 1 day of learning, you can apply your freeze streak. If you want to keep skipping 6 consecutive days of learning, you will have to log into the platform each following day and apply your freeze streak again.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,

The 365 Team

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