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18 Aug 2023

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17 Aug 2023


what time is the availibility of Instructions?

Ques 1) For example if we complete a assigned module on Pyhton Programmer Bootcamp. Post the completion of module we have a Ton of questions / queries that remain un-answered.

How can we reach a particular Intructor who imparted training/Lecture for a particular course module. For Eg. How do we reach out to the same Programmer Bootcamp Instructor who imparted training so that our doubts/queries stand resolved ? Please confirm wheter this is permissible at 365DS?

Ques 2) What are the suitable instructor timings to ask a query and getting the Query resolved. (I intend to know the TAT) post we raise a  query on the portal. 

Also can we have a one-on-one session  (via Zoom call, Google meet) with the Instructor / trainer Just - incase the query cannot be clarified over the chat ? Please clarify

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Posted on:

18 Aug 2023



Good to hear from you.

Regarding your questions:

1) Please post your questions here or in Q&A while watching the course. We will do our best to respond to you.

2) We typically respond within a day, but right now don't offer zoom calls. The price level at which the product is sold doesn't allow us to have 1:1 zoom calls.



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