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Whats is the query response time commitment from 365DataScience institute

Whats is the query response time commitment from 365DataScience institute


Hi Team,
Hope you are safe and taking enough precautions.
I am new to 365DataScience portal and looking to avail the paid services. However, need to know what is the ‘average’ and ‘maximum’ query response time commitment from you? I agree this is a basic query but risk to me as a student;  as I believe there wont be specific ‘Human’ teacher assigned to me for this course.

And please suggest how the query resolution process is commenced?

Best regards for your Health in this terrific pandemic.
Sambodhan D.

1 Answer

365 Team

Thanks for your interest in our program!
The Q&A hub where you posted this question is the place where we will answer your questions. Often times, instructors will also give you access to their personal email and you’ll exchange emails.
Some questions are answered in less than 6 hours as this one (or immediately).
Others are answered with 1 or 2 business days.
Hope this helps!

Thanks Ned!! Its convincing. I have registered for the paid courses.

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