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05 May 2022

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05 May 2022


Resolved: when/how to make the right decision, why do we need instances?

What do you mean by instances and why do we need to create them! What is the purpose of creating one?
I repeat this lecture more than 3 times

We have to understand what is the difference between an active and inactive relationship & more importantly we have to understand how and when and where to decide (based on what)
Thank you but this lecture is a little bit hard to digest
please excuse my poor English

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05 May 2022


Let's say you have two tables, there can be only one active relationship - Sales date from table A with date from Calendar table B. When you filter the sales from the calendar table, the filtering will work on the sales date. But what if you want the calendar table to filter the sales table by shipment date? You can attempt to make another connection, but this connection will be inactive because Power BI allows for only one relationship which is why you will need to use a function called USERELATIONSHIP in your measure to get the right amount

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