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Where to invest finances on Data Science Development/Learning Budget?

Where to invest finances on Data Science Development/Learning Budget?


I picked up data science about 9 months ago
I have been investing about 10 hours a week into improving my skill set since.
I’m keen to continue to learn and demonstrate my skills to potential future employers, so have decided to allocate around £150 to do so
What resources would you recommend (or advise against) for a relative beginner?
These could be anything, including certifications, courses or books

1 Answer

365 Team

Hi Sam,
Thanks for reaching out and congratulations on your drive and determination. Keep it up! This will make the most significant difference for you going forward.
Obviously I’m a bit biased towards our program and believe that it one of the best options for the budget, which you have mentioned. There are a lot of other great options too, but what I like to think is that we offer a solution, which is structured and contains a lot of content. Moreover, you’ll be able to learn a lot of business applications – something which the other platforms don’t necessarily teach.
All the best,

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